The 899 Superquadro

Ducati’s latest power-plant, the 899 Superquadro, represents another major step forward in twin-cylinder design and technology, generating superb Ducati performance with super smooth power delivery

Engine architecture

Mirroring the innovative 1199, the 899 engine is a fully stressed member of the chassis, with its architecture calculated to provide the best possible vehicle construction for layout, weight distribution and strength

Supermid precision

In calculating the optimum configuration for a “Supermid” 899 version of the Superquadro, Ducati engineers selected a bore and stroke of 100mm x 57.2mm (3.93in x 2.25in). This precise study of power and ridability resulted in an impressive output of 148hp (109kW) @ 10,750rpm and 73 lb-ft (10.1kgm) @ 9,000rpm.

Secondary air system

The challenge for the Superquadro’s design engineers was to maintain performance-optimised fuel mapping for smoother cycle-to-cycle engine operation, without compromising emissions

Desmodromic valve control

Ducati’s Desmo system actuates valve closure mechanically with the same method and accuracy as it opens, enabling steep cam profiles, radical cam timings, large valves and high operating speeds


The 899 Superquadro engine adopts the same gearbox as the 1199, capitalising on the extensive work carried out in increasing dimensions between the centres of the six-speed gearbox shafts to enable larger diameter, stronger gears to transmit the enhanced power output.